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Sasha - Tenant
Mrs Sujan Mishra
Saeed Al Sarookh
Mr. Rashid - Tenant
Deepak Murali - Tenant
Ayyaz Mirza – Landlord
Shawn Vaz - Tenant
Bhushan Mehta
Takura Matarise - Tenant
Duncan - Tenant

I really enjoy the fact that it is a one on one direct connection with the Landlord. I just feel that a lot of agencies in Dubai charge exorbitant brokerage fees but do not do much to help the tenant. I have had situations where I am arranging the viewing myself and then why should I pay them a fee, I'd rather pay that to myself

I really like the idea of your website. It is good to be able to directly deal with the actual tenant than with a third party. It saves a lot of time and is easier

Settling into a new job in a city like Dubai can be overwhelming . Finding the right apartment can be quite a tedious task. For a person like me, letmyspace.com was the perfect solution to my problems. I saved on my commission too. A win-win solution

It is difficult to find a good agent who can give good customer service, it is really a big problem here in Dubai. Dealing directly with the owner is much easier, I really like the Idea and concept of your website. Wish you Success

I found the website very User Friendly, but It would be nice to see even more detail

LetMySpace offers everything a Tenant and Landlord can ever want for by connecting them directly without the hassle of dealing with a third party

The platform is easy to use, I was browsing through my mobile phone. Everything is in detail when you search

I was able to book a tenant viewing, LetMySpace did a fantastic job, it is pretty easy to use , very smooth, on a scale of 1-10, I would give it a 10

It is a niche concept. The site is not overcrowded and is well structured and straight forward

I really like the concept, the website is just fine. Would be great when even more options get added

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