The concern of most staying in sharing room is always an issue, messy roommates who leave dishes in the sink and laundry piled up on the bed or in the common space making it difficult for you to pass by. Address them about the issues prior before it increases a lot and becomes hard to handle and sort, as no two roommates have the same set of rules and standards. Always set your protocols right for keeping your shared apartment clean that are based on agreement and compromise. Deal between you two or may be group of people under one roof should always be based on understanding of each other.

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Here are 5 point checklist to deal with difficult & messy flatmate:-

1. Avoid Allegation or Blame

Being straightforward is important but when it comes to telling them about the things you don’t like be gentle in telling it and don’t start a blame game. Starting a conversation with a complaint may hurt their feeling or lead to bitter words. Be polite and ask does your flatmate find faults in you, and what do you need to change according to them. And while in the conversation convey what is their area of improvement. As no two person will be perfect both of you may have some qualities which the other may not like so rather blaming best way out is discuss it so the message is always productive. For example, “Your roommates might have left the geyser ON, so tell them the consequences both could have faced. This time you have put off the geyser as you have used the bathroom after her, but in case you both might have left for work there could be fire or short circuit. So be careful from next time”.

2. Be Honest & Straightforward

Be clear about your ideas in a very kind way. For example, “if he/she has the habit of keeping unclean clothes for week bring it to their notice that you don’t like it as they scatter clothes all over the bedroom”.Be specific and tell them to keep the common space clean & tidy and make them realise that you were compromising on the messy room.Don’t talk behind your flatmate to the other flatmates as that may create issues and cold war. Being straightforward in such cases really helps. Your roommates will surely not like knowing about your feelings for their messiness from someone else.

3. Set Rules for Common Spaces

Always keep in mind that your flatmate have the right to live by their own set of rules but in their own space and not the shared room between both. So if the sharing of space is more, then setting rules may not lead to problem. Like it is very important to keep the sink clean and not full of unclean dishes. This same thing goes for dirty clothes lying in the common area which you may not like on hygiene perspective. So convey them after they are done, to clean the shared room.

4. Avoid Revenge

Being aggressive to your roommates if they still continues to be messy is not the solution if you plan to stay under the same roof until your agreement ends. This leads to worse response from your flatmate. Remember you don’t need to repeat the same mistake by being messy, to take a revenge as to how it feels to stay in a room which is all messed. Instead clean up your part of shared space, and it is very easy to point out at others. Be polite in giving indication to your flatmate like “pile up their mess in a corner of the room so that they understand to keep their place clean and you are not happy about it”. Don’t do this more than once or else this may be a habit for them and you would be trapped continuing to do their part of cleaning.

5. Put Forward Solutions

The best solution for both of you would be to clean together so that no one feels to be burdened out with the cleaning work. And rather doing it together can be more fun than tedious and you spent time with your flatmate which is important too. Plan it prior to the household chores so that both are available as well on the weekends to do a fruitful cleaning followed by some shopping and dinner. And if your roommates doesn’t agree or tend to forget and act stubborn you have to work out everything in writing.

These are few ways how roommates can keep your shared room clean that are not really based on compromise and collaboration but filled with happiness and fun.


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