Checklist when you rent directly from Owner in Dubai

29th August 2017 | Jackie

As a Tenant looking to rent property in Dubai, you typically start their search online. With rents falling in many popular areas of Dubai, tech savvy Landlords are taking the extra effort to list their property on popular online portals. If you find a property to rent directly from Owner, it’s normal to get excited with the idea of saving on Agent fees. You go ahead and contact the Landlord to arrange a viewing. You like the apartment and make an offer. Luckily, it gets accepted and you want to pay the deposit at the earliest. Sounds great! But here are 3 important things to check before you hand over your hard earned money.


Documentation Proofsample-title-deed-rent-directly-from-Owner

Request for the Title Deed Document, Passport copy or Emirates Id of the Landlord. Visit the DubaiLand Website to get for information. Ensure the Names and Signature on the Title Deed and Identify Proof match. If there are two names on the Title Deed you should see both parties’ passports.

If one of the owners is renting the property then there should be a letter from the other owner stating that they are in agreement.  In an ideal world the other owner should have a Power of Attorney.


Issuing Cheques

Make sure you issue cheques only in the name that appears in the Title Deed. If you are paying in Cash, get a signed receipt from the Landlord. Do not settle for access cards, ensure you get the house keys when you pay the deposit.


Tenancy Contract

For Dewa registration, one needs the Ejari to be registered. For Ejari, you need the Tenancy Contract duly signed by both parties. Ensure you download the Tenancy contract from the Government website and the contract is duly signed by both parties. Ensure that the name on the title deed and tenancy agreement is the same. If not, ask questions.  Read more about the Ejari Registration process here.


Unfortunately we continue to read cases of real estate fraud in the Emirate, it still exists and the authorities are contantly working towards clamping down it. But you can do your due diligence with this handy checklist, before you decide rent directly from Owner.

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