New Year’s Eve has been considered a special night since the beginnings of time. In our days it is even more important to have a well-planned night and this is why people are looking for the best things to do on New Year’s Eve.

First of all, you will have to decide who you are going to spend the night with. Enough said.

Here’s how you make the best of your New Year’s Eve

You should plan different activities in case you’re spending it with your Roommates. Naturally, there is no reason for you not to bring together all the people you love.

1. You could prepare a special meal

When it comes to fun things to do on New Year’s Eve, the majority of people don’t think about working in the kitchen. However, if you’re throwing a dinner party for Roommates and you happen to like cooking, this is one of the best ideas ever. However, being the host doesn’t mean that you have to do everything on your own.

You could delegate some of the tasks. Name a responsible for each recipe or course. The foods you could be thinking about include seafood, fresh salads and tapas. If you happen to have some traditional recipes, you should make sure they make it to the list as well.

2. Make a list of activities

In case you’re not planning on going out and you are looking for fun things to do on New Year’s Eve at home, you could come up with a list of activities.With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, you are probably wondering “What to do..” Don’t just sit there, list it up.

With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, you are probably wondering “What to do..” Don’t just sit there, list it up.

Here are some suggestions to get you started.
Read on!

Have that talk

Just sit in the living room and talk — When was the last time you had a good talk with your Roommates? You could plan this as outing as well. In this cold climate, you could take a walk to the park,  beach or any other area your likes.

Taste the taste

Tasting food — In case cooking runs in with Roommates, as one of the fun things to do for New Year’s Eve you should all prepare a dish you like. Taste each dish and you could give scores to each course. Just make sure you won’t hurt each other’s feelings. Remember that everybody is doing their best.
If you aren’t the best cook, that’s okay. It’s the thought and preparation that you put into your meal that counts. Potlucks are an excellent idea for the holiday season that should be considered. It’s not a real new year event without food. The best tasting foods always seem to be brought out during the holidays. This year don’t hold back. Use butter, sugar, and other fattening ingredients to make your treats taste the best as possible. It will be one feast to remember.

Get your board on

Get some board games — The majority of people like to have fun with board games and this is the time to play together again. Just make sure there is a coordinator so that the activity will be well-organized. There are a lot of games to choose from, including Monopoly, Catan, Scrabble or anything else you might think about.
Nothing like cozying up next to the fire that warms up your body and a board game to warm up your mind when it’s cold outside.

Do something entertaining

Watching movies or a concert — If there are some other movie freaks in your Room as well, aside from you, it might be a good idea to organize a movie marathon. One of the fun things to do New Year’s Eve is to come up with a list all people would like to see.
Holidays are a time of celebration and relaxation. Watching movie marathons is a great way to spend your days indoors. Indulge in life’s little pleasures and be lazy this year with some movie marathon binges.

3. You could make resolutions together

It is a tradition for people to make resolutions at the end of the year. While some might prefer for their resolutions to remain a secret, others don’t mind sharing. This is really one of the fun things to do for New Year’s Eve at home.

Your family could help you with your resolutions and you could help others with theirs. For instance, one of your resolutions might be to learn to ride a horse and a roommate of yours might be an excellent rider. As another example, someone in your room might want to lose weight and they could ask you guys to keep the snacks hidden from them.

When it comes to making resolutions, it helps to have a support system that will back you up along the way. That’s where your roommates comes in. Your resolutions will never seem silly or unrealistic to them.

4. Have something special planned for midnight

There are a lot of things to do at home on New Year’s Eve, you just have to find something that all people would enjoy. Make sure that you prepare something special for the countdown. Here are some ideas you might like:

  • Drum on bongo drums, light sparkles, and go out on the yard and yell “Happy New Year!” as loud as you possibly can.
  • Sing a song together while holding hands. Although some might think this is silly or childish, just ignore them. The rest will have a blast.
  • In case you can see the fireworks from your place, you could all gather around and gaze at them. Don’t be surprised if this moment will make some people nostalgic.

Don’t make this another one of those cliche celebrations and watch the television. There’s nothing special about watching others celebrate the holidays. Celebrate for yourself and turn off all the electronics. It’s more special when you keep your undivided attention on your loved ones. Looking at your smart phone will ruin the experience and you will only be robbing yourself of potential future memories. When the clock strikes midnight, have the best time with each other and don’t worry about what’s going on in the rest of the world. There’s no better place to be than home.

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