Fun Things to do with Roommates on Eid Weekend

31st August 2017 | Jackie

Are you one of the many who actually have the holiday this Eid Weekend? Great, have loads of time but not enough money. Your last resort is hitting the malls in this hot weather. Instead, here are some fun things to do with your Roommates on Eid Weekend to make it a memorable one.


Binge watch television shows

Get 1-month Free Netflix account or find your Favourite shows on Youtube. Figure out what kind of shows you’re both addicted to, and then proceed to marathon watch your mutual favourites and the ones you want to force upon each other. A true test of how you both can co-exist in the same apartment.


Showoff your culinary skills

Tired of the same breakfast cereal, sandwiches and plain pasta dishes? Well, what better way to savour the long weekend than with an amazing new recipe? Try an elaborate English Breakfast or add fruits to your pancakes! Baking a cake or cooking up a stew are great ways of spending time with flat mates over the weekend.

Card Games

You are never too old to play a game of cards with your roommates and friends. Buy a deck of Uno cards or perhaps just plain deck of cards and try a hand at Rummy, 3-2-5 or Bluff.

Charge up the living spaces

Clear up the cluttered spaces in the rooms you are renting by packing up extra stuff. Rotate the furniture around with what is there already and it will feel like you’ve created a new space. Why not look online and read some blogs for inspiration? Breathe new life into the home

Sit and Talk

Sit at home, order some food and drinks, and know about your roommate, tell your stories and listen to theirs. We all have baggages we carry, let it out once in a while. This is also a great way of connecting with your roommate.


Hire a Car

This is the last weekend before school reopens and traffic jams become a norm. Pool money and hire a car for the long weekend. Go visit all the tourist attractions with Free Entry in the UAE. Parking is free in all the public places for Eid Weekend.

Discover Cheap Rentals

Rents are falling in Dubai. Look at making some further savings, explore new listings or simply set your preference and get notified of cheap rooms to rent on



Give yourself a reason to get off that bed this long weekend. Enjoy!

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