Know the Rules when Renting a Room in Sharjah

24th August 2017 | Jackie

You may have landed a job in the UAE and decided to rent a room in Sharjah to save on housing costs. Typically, people live in Sharjah if they work in Sharjah or in Dubai and don’t mind the travel time and costs. Overall the cost of living is also low as compared to living in Dubai.  Sharjah has a larger coastline as compare to Dubai.

Renting Room in Sharjah

The popular areas for sharing accomodation in Sharjah are Al Nahda, Rolla, Abu Shagara. It is advisable to know the rules when you live in a sharing accommodation in Sharjah. The municipality of Sharjah is continuously working to take regulatory steps to relocate bachelors, expats and migrant workers from villa community and family residential areas to improve the environment.  Here are the regulations in place by the Muncipality.

For Bachelors and Executive Professionals:

You are allowed to stay with families only in commercial buildings and under certain conditions. You should have a passport with a valid visa of a working professional and the building’s owner should have given him/her permission to share the apartment.

For Labourers:

It is strictly prohibited to live in residential and commercial buildings for Labourers. One can live in industrial areas of Sharjah.


Dh500 fine

The municipality imposes a fine of Dh500 on violators and if the violation is repeated, then the fine is doubled to Dh1,000.

Typically, young expat professionals prefer to live in apartments situated near commercial and business centers. Ensure you know the rules when you live in a shared accommodation in Sharjah.  Spread the word to your family and friends who come to the UAE for work. Together lets build the emerging peer2peer online rental community of the UAE on the values of trust and transparency.

You can find sharing accommodation in Sharjah here.


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