It is not always important to set ground rules with your roommates but sometimes it really becomes stressful if your roommate is one of them who doesn’t like to work. So planning the work and clear communication can always make the atmosphere at home calm.

Here are 6 ways to live in harmony and make smart use of shared spaces between roommates:-

1. Kitchen

As the kitchen is been shared between you and your roommates, you have to make sure it is always cleaned up once you’re done with cooking. Don’t toss your utensils on the counter-tops without making sure they’re on your side. Be systematic this gesture can make your roommate feel at home and such small things help in bonding with your flatmate in long run.

2. Cabinet

Don’t look for space in your roommates cabinet. The place is been equally divided but if you require more space you can put portable racks on the kitchen wall this will make your kitchen look organized and clean. Keep rags and dustbin bags under the sink so the shared space is been utilized well.

3. Pantry

When you and your roommate have the same kitchen but different pantry then the space required is more and again a labeling have to be done so that you don’t tend to use each other’s spices. Group the packed food items in big containers that will save space in the food cabinet.

4. Fridge

If you are sharing the fridge with your roommate divide the section and keep it organized so that you get extra space to keep something which is common between both the roommates. And if you feel your roommate takes the food unknowingly thinking it’s her food,  you can label it so there is no misconception.

5. Storage

If the apartment already had a modular kitchen try to utilised it carefully like a tall shelving unit for large container and dividing the shelves equally among you. Label your empty container incase if you think your roommate has already taken a few of them.

6. Shopping List

Keep a board and a chalk in the kitchen so that if anything gets over you put it there so when you and your roommate go to shop next time you know what to buy. Else it may happen you use some spices last and forget about it.

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