Regulating the Sharing Economy in JLT Dubai

15th August 2017 | admlms

Young millennials moving to Dubai love the lifestyle that communities offer. Areas like Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Business Bay, Dubai Marina and other posh Dubai communities are popular with young expats working in Dubai Internet City and Media City. However the high rental rates make it unaffordable for many single professionals who work in the City, to rent a studio or a 1 Bed Apartment. One can notice the effect of the Sharing Economy in these communities too.

Professionals prefer to live with flat mates in an area that offers luxury and lifestyle. They prefer to live closer to work then move out to far away areas and pay cheaper rents. Hence one finds an increasing trend of sharing spaces in these communities.

Finding the right type of flatmate or roommate to share a space comes with its own experiences and hassles. One typically shares a space for a week or a month and moves out for various reasons. At times it maybe be due to change of job or change in personal circumstances.  Occasionally it is due to finer aspects like cleanliness, hygiene, eating habits, alcohol, smoking, religious beliefs and sleep timings to name a few.

Typically its the neighbors and community managers that seem uncomfortable with this growing trend of shared living. There is always the fear of overcrowding in these shared spaces and leads to health and safety issues.

Regulation of Sharing Economy

Recently the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) issued a circular addressing the crowding issue and misuse of residential units in JLT after growing complaints from neighbours. The crowding of residential units under any circumstance is illegal and is in direct contravention of the health and safety rules and regulations.

If you are sharing a room or an apartment in Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), you need to know the new rules. Only one person per 200 square feet is allowed to occupy an apartment. That typically means:

  • Maximum of 3 tenants in a studio
  • Maximum of 5 tenants in 1 bedroom Flat
  • Maximum of 6 tenants in 2 bedrooms Apartment

DMCC has asked the community managers in JLT for details of every occupant in each apartment. This includes details like unit number, occupant names, owner or tenant names, email addresses and telephone and mobile numbers. It is definitely a step towards ensuring health and safety standards are met and ensuring there is no overcrowding in these spaces.




However, one has to embrace the changing lifestyle of the young generation. Technology is changing the way how we live, how we travel and how we pay. It is a matter of time that society finds a mid-way to accept this sharing economy. Perhaps a combination of peer regulation, regulatory organizations and online platforms can establish credibility and enforcement.

From September, 2017, will not publish listings for shared spaces that don’t follow the above guidelines in Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai. The users have an option to report any such listings that don’t conform to this directive on our platform. Together, we can regulate the shared spaces advertised in the LetMySpace community. For more information, you can contact us.


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