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Frequently Asked Questions

General & Account

How is Letmyspace different from other sites?

LetMySpace is a platform that connects genuine landlords and tenants who are like minded in their property rental preferences with each other. It’s different from other listing websites because of three reasons:
1 . Our community driven approach
Our platform becomes more and more responsive, with increase in frequency of use and users. We only have those properties featured that do not include commission for the tenant and are directly from the owner or primary tenancy contract holder.
2 . Unique features & benefits
LetMySpace has a host of benefits for both space sharers and space seekers, including verified & qualified inquires, matchometer and the viewing scheduler. It’s easy to use search feature saves time for both landlords and tenants.
3 . Privacy and convenience
Letmyspace allows users to place calls through LetMySpace whilst keeping their privacy intact. All this through the convenience of your smartphone.

How do you ensure that the verification documents uploaded are secure and not visible to others ?

Our verification process ensures that our listings are genuine. The verification documents are uploaded only by registered users and are linked to their profile.

The documents are stored on a secure server, away from searchable areas of the website. Access to the verification document is limited to only the webmaster and verification team who are designated LetMySpace employees. Your privacy and data security is of importance to us. The information shared is used for verification purpose only.

Can anyone and everyone visiting the site contact me ?

No. Only registered tenants can contact you.

The tenants see your property under their matches tab when your property preferences match their property search preferences. It’s the same if you are a tenant receiving calls. Only registered landlords can contact you. In all cases the call is placed through LetMySpace and your number is masked thereby ensuring utmost security of your personal information.

What Locations in the UAE do you have properties in ?

LetMySpace currently serves all communities in Dubai.

Landlords FAQ's

What is the listing process?

LetMySpace has a simple to use listing process.

Step 1: Register as a landlord on our portal using your email and phone number
Step 2: Upload your property details and set preferences
Step 3: The LetMySpace team will contact you within 12-24 hours to verify the listing. We check to confirm if the property listing is really from you and is posted with your consent and awareness. On the same call our team will brief you on the payment details. Post receipt of payment we publish your listing and make it live within 6-12 Hours.

How do I know if the tenant is a genuine tenant and not an agent?

LetMySpace team verifies tenants by viewing their residence visa or employment documents to verify they are a genuine tenant and do not represent any property brokerage firm

Is there a cost involved in listing?

Yes. LetMySpace currently has a marginal listing fee in comparison to other property listing portals currently in the market. You have to only pay a minimum amount of AED 49 for a room sharing listing and AED 99 for a rental listing.

What if I have multiple properties? Is there a discount?

If you have multiple properties and or work for a property business that do not charge extra fee or commission from the tenant, we have packages that can be customized to your specific advertising requirement which is aimed to help you attain cost effectiveness.
Get in touch with our Business Development team on +971 (0)4 514 4700 or on +971 526408225 for more information.

My phone number does not show on the profile, how then can tenants contact me?

For each property profile and tenant profile there is a call now button that appears under your name which is mapped to your phone number, submitted while registering and creating your profile. The call is placed to you when a registered user clicks on the call now button.
To protect your privacy, the caller does not see your number. Similarly you do not get to see the caller's number either. What you do see is a number that belongs to LetMySpace and you will get a prompt that the call is via LetMySpace as soon as you answer the call.

Tenants FAQ's

What type of properties can I find on LetMySpace?

LetMySpace helps you find all types of immovable residential and commercial properties.

Does LetMySpace charge the tenant a percentage of the transaction amount?

LetMySpace does not work on a brokerage model and does not charge any commission.
Over time there will be revenue models we intend to pursue, but right now we’re not worried about it.

What is the verification process all about?

LetMySpace intends to connect likeminded, genuine landlords and tenants with each other and hence request our users to verify themselves to ensure that the sanctity of the concept is maintained. We verify tenants by looking at a photocopy of their residence visa or work ID to ensure they are genuine tenants and not representatives of a real estate brokerage firm

What if I am on a visit visa? Can I be verified?

We only ask for verification to ensure the sanctity of the platform and to protect interest of the tenant & landlord communities. Yes, you can a verified tenant once our team gets in touch with you and after you have uploaded a copy of your visit visa in your profile.

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