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Our Story

Our Story

Once upon a time, Newbies to a city were looking to find a place to call home. They went around town speaking to an agent here, a broker there. Information was not always readily available. Ads could not always be trusted. Brokers were not always reliable. Landlords were not easily accessible.

The newbies did not know where to look or whom to ask for help. How convenient it would be for all fellow house-hunters to be able find the properties at one place? How easy it would be to contact the landlords directly and ask all the questions? How stress-free would the process be if they could do all this on their smartphone?

That’s how the story of LetMySpace began.

Based in Dubai Internet City, LetMySpace is an online solution that puts your house-hunting nightmares to rest by providing a direct connection between landlords and tenants. We do all this while ensuring that mutual preferences of landlords and tenants are matched. Did we mention no more hefty brokerage? It’s all community-driven - making it easy and convenient. Afterall, our aim is to make property search more transparent through technology and community building.

Together we are transforming and simplifying the real estate search market through information sharing and transparency, one city at a time. Join our community of like-minded landlords and tenants from across the world as we help make the process of real estate search more easy and affordable.

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