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Refer & Earn

Earn a little extra cash in just under a minute! Refer your landlord to us so we can list their property on our site by submitting their contact details, and we’ll pay you. Yes, you read that right! You get paid to provide us with listings!


Earn AED 100 in your account for
every property listing we publish.

How does it Work ?


Enter Landlord Detail

Submit your landlord’s full name, phone number and email address in the form below. Number and email must be valid.


They List, We Publish

Once we have the contact details, we’ll get in touch with the landlord to create a property listing on our site.


Hola! You get Paid

Once the listing is live on our site, we’ll transfer your payment into your account. Congratulations! You just made some extra cash with no effort at all!


Enter Landlord Details


We know how hard it is when you’re moving to a new city or just trying to find a new place to live. There are too many choices around for apartments, villas and houses. Trying to find exactly what you’re looking for involves a lot of phone calls, a lot of emails and a lot of time going back and forth with estate agents. And sometimes, the place you end up with isn’t exactly what was advertised.

At LetMySpace, we put you in control of the rental process. Browse through over 5,000 properties from around the UAE, or narrow your search by budget or location. When you find a place you like, get in touch with the landlord directly to get more information or set up a viewing! There are no agents involved and no surprises. Guaranteed.


There are a few reasons your listing may have been rejected.

  • 1. The landlord is already listed with us.
  • 2. The property has already been rented out to someone else.
  • 3. You submitted contact information for a broker, not a landlord.
  • 4. The listing you submitted is for a commercial property.

You can submit listings for any residential property. Commercial spaces, business centers or shops are not applicable for Refer n Earn.

We will need to verify the listing and the information submitted, which could take up to 48hours.

The payment will be made in the form of Emaar Gift Card. Please make sure you provide the correct email address and mobile number to receive the Gift Card

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